The first 40 women volunteers will get an extremely -
exclusive baby blue colored "SIZE MATTERS" Yeah Baby!!  tee shirt

You will need to be at Vernon Hotell in Kelley Square, Worcester, MA 01609, no later than 9:00 A.M. to assist with the
weigh-in, registration & getting you out onto the course...Come To Have Fun!!

Over the past 18 years, our lady volunteers have met the men of their dreams for at least one night-one night stands
can be fun, met the men of their fancy and to this day still go out, met the men that fits them best and are married
to this date, met the men who they thought would be the men in their life and then broke up and some even met the lady of
their dreams while volunteering out on the course--we are getting that diverse at BMR:>)

IMG 1447
It's a Fun Day...I can guarantee this!!
I can not guarantee, but I have been told that BMR is more successful
and more ole fashion than www.match.com :>) when finding!!

Post Race Party

-all volunteers get into the festival for free-

The Line-Up So Far!!!



Elaine Scadding - Charlestown, Massachusetts

Amy Fallon - Worcester, Massachusetts

Gretchen Patrick - Boston, Massachusetts

Solo Volunteers
Kimberley Symonowicz -Worcester, Massachusetts
Kim Marie Richardson - Hubbardston, Massachusetts
Katie Gilbert -Worcester, Massachusetts
Jenny Palacio -
Tyngnsboro, Massachusetts
Lauren Auchey - Worcester, Massachusetts
Kristine Morse - Middleton, Massachusetts
Nancy Courtois - Wells, Maine
Amy Porter - Belmont, Massachusetts
Rebecca Brown

Annette Casco - Boston, Massachusetts

Gretchen MacDougal - Worcester, Massachusetts

Cyndy Curley - Sterling, Massachusetts

Sue Leo-Johnson - Worcester, Massachusetts

Amy Hutton - Marlborough, Massachusetts


Debbie Higgins - Leominster, MA

Jodi Del Re - Northborough, MA

Sheri Bready (l) & Amber L. Vaillancourt (r) - Worcester, MA

Stacey Somogyi. Bedford NH

Scotty Hayes - Westport, Massachusetts

Jessica Greenblat - Natick, MA

Barbara Johnson Keller - Worcester, Massachusetts



E-Mail Papa Clyde and in the subject write:
"Papa I am prepared for anything at BMR XX" and also
send me full name, town or city & pic if you want to for the volunteer page
-please make sure you have read all of the above before committing-



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