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Past Champions

1996 Winner Mike Kraemer

1997 Winner Ron Cavage

1998 Winner Vincent Kotowski

1999 Winner Matt Corcoran

2000 Winner JR. Graffam

2001 Clydesdale Winner  Matt Corcoran

2001 Babe Didrickson Zaharias Award
Jennifer Gueram

2002 Clydesdale Winner  Dave Pike

2003 Winner David Longyear

2004  Winner David Longyear

2005 Winner David Longyear

2006 Winner Matt Corcoran

2007 Winner  Dan Baker

2008 Winner  John Wichers

2009 Winner  John Wicher

2010 Winner  Timothy Kaijala 

2011 Winner   Al Jones

2012 Winner  Brogan Graham
2013 Winner
  Timothy Kaijala     

2007 Aid Station #3 - Razzy's

3- Time Big Man Run winner
Dave Longyear
"One of the classy gents to ever join us"!!

BIG men know how to have a BIG time!
2005 Big Man Run X - Post Party

Big Man & daughter

I'm ready for another hot dog

Past Results



2006 and 2006 pictures


2009 and 2009 pictures


Papa Clyde - BMR XII

2006 Don't Mess with Me!


2005 Big Man Run - Rip Reeves,
Rob Sczupak, Nico Scibelli & ?????

Matt Hartmann  - Massillon, Ohio
2003 - Big Man Run VIII

1999 BMR IV - The Wedding

BMR V - Finish Line Volunteers

2004 BMR VIII "The Return"

2005 Big Man Run - Papa Clyde looks skinny in this picture??


1998 Bikini Contest
Big Man Run III

13.jpg (82162 bytes)
Rip Reeves - Boston Triathlon Team
finishing up in the rear of Khoury's



big_man_tux.jpg (171188 bytes)
 Papa Clyde grabbing a hot dog at Tir na nog


Larry & Kim Phillips ..I pronounce you Man & Wife
1999 - BMR IV





1999 - Big Man Run IV paper application
The tool used before on-line registration:>)



Article illustration
The Start of BMR VII "The Gauntlet" in 2002
Same 2:00 P.M. Start as in 2001
-what a difference-

1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi....

Size Matters "yeah baby"
Papa Clyde, Jeff Durso-Finley, Jimmy Hayes & Mrs. Hayes w/ child
2002 - Big Man Run VI

Papa Clyde with his ladies
Ms. Big Man Run Bikini Contest-2001
The Beachcomber-Wellfleet, MA

The Start of BMR VI
This was a 2:00 P.M. Start
-Not Midnight-

Notice the whitecaps, and storm coming right at us

Elijah Hebert #1170 & James Coutois # 1137
BMR XVIII in 2013


If your gonna lead like this, shouldn't you win it all

2 classy Skinnies to the left, Jim Murphy & Brian McQuarrie
, 1 classy Fat Guy out front, Jeff Durso-Finley   BMR VI

The Race Director



Race winner Chris "Skinny" Teague

The Imortal Ken Yanowski of
Houston, Texas
2003 - BMR VIII

BMR IV & BMR VI Winner
Matt Corcoran of Weymouth, Massachusetts


David Longyear- 2004 Big Man Run IX Winner

2006 - The Gang

Elvis Bird of the Somerville Striders Athletic Club
2004 BMR IX


David Longyear behind skinny Joe Smith & Matt Corcoran
at the last beer & hot dog stop inside Khoury's State Spa
It became that close at the end!!
2004 BMR IX

Dean Philips of Wheelworks Triathlon Team at the last beer & hot dog stop inside Khoury's State Spa..volunteer & Somerville Strider AC member Jim DuPont loading up the beer table
2004 BMR IX

Big Men bonding with their Little Men in 2004

The "original" Big Man Run theme was the brainchild of Glenn O'Connor & Papa Clyde..both demented thinkers who over many pints of beer one late Thursday evening in 1995, at the once famed running saloon "Khoury's State Spa"....mutually arrived at the same conclusion that there just wasn't enough races out there that included beer and hotdogs as part of them ...while competing and thus the original "Big Man Run" theme was created..

The infancy years of 1996-2000 are the years that you had to weigh no less than 190lbs. and also be able to race anywhere from 4.8 - 7 miles over the hot burning streets of Somerville, Massachusetts  as well as stop at three pre-selected saloons to eat a hot dog and drink a beer..

The "Cult Race" known as "Big Man" has enjoyed the participation from over 400 men from 30 states, one European country, one Asian country & Washington D.C.....it has been covered by ESPN Magazine, Runners World, New England Runner, Runner Triathlete News, countless newspapers, New England Sports Network (NESN), KISS 108 as well as dozens of other national radio stations, and it has has also been made into a feature film by famed director, Barbara Moran of WGBH & the Discovery Channel!!!! And this is nothing, cause in 1999 a wedding took place..yup actual legal nuptuals in the rear of Khoury's State Spa-and presided over by a tuxedo'ed Papa Clyde (see above)..just before the start!!

The "Big Man Run" has had two home bases during this period...the 1st four years at Khoury's State Spa  and finally the VFW Logan Post in West Somerville, Massachusetts where it entertained the largest field and it's best competition ...along with the 1st "Ms. Big Man Run V" Bikini Contest..it also was the location of the last "original" Big Man Run theme!! Until 2003!

The 2001 Big Man Run VI was a new beginning far from Somerville, Massachusetts and as close to paradise as one could find on the good earth..all we needed was good weather and that the troops that came down early didn't rip the town up in two before Saturday:>)..Anyway, early weather predictions were that a storm was brewin' and headed right for Wellfleet, Massachusetts..but at 11:00A.M. things looked good..and we were on our way to another great race on the Cape...
but it wasn't gonna happen!!

The Star Spangled Banner was sung by PIXY 103 "Rock Babe" Suzanne who belted out the
anthem with the robust enthusiasm of Kate Smith...while under looming black clouds and on-coming winds..

The Race got off just in time...time for the near monsoon rains and wind that assaulted all the runners..from the beginning to the end..if you were here..it is one for the scrap book!! The Rain was pouring down so bad that you were unable to see 5 feet in front of you...but we got it off with no injuries or law suites:>)

Matt Corcoran showed why he is up there with the best in the country..2nd overall and the race had it's share of skinnes who in general stayed clear of this Big Man Run even tho they were invited..1st place Skinny went to David Mitzi of New York who is still being sought cause he split post race quicker than Bill Clinton can get out of his pants..and thats mighty quick-we like our champions to hang around and accept the cheers and boos as well as the awards...it's tradition!!!

Thus David Mitzi get's the "2001 Big Man Run Lampoon of the Year Award"
...he again wasn't around to pick-up his award..

Ron Cavage aka Clydesdale King as he likes to be called...remains the only cat to win a division
at every race since 1996...and this remains no easy feat since the competition has been strong every
year...no easy wins at BMR..and 2001 was no different!! And as usual the women volunteers were
spectacular in their efforts as well as very beautiful...

Word had gotten out, from Papa Clyde's spies in Canada that a  woman from New Hampshire was gonna try to sneak into BMR VI ala Katherine Switzer at Boston many moons back..so PC aka Race Official instead of hiding behind a bush awaiting to attack..they arrest you for this stuff nowadays..went and had a trophy made up... The Babe Didrickson-Zaharias Award so that if she did..she would be properly awarded NOT ambushed--but ahh they are not as tough as they used to be in New Hampshire when most lived off the land instead of driving BMW's and she did not show!! But alas, Jennifer Gueram of Madison Wisconsin did as did 6'7" 270lbs.+ husband Frank Gueram also of Wisconsin who politely asked thee Race Official if his wife could participate and thee Race Official said "sure"...kind of reminded the Race Official of the scene in "Animal House" -"Do You Mind If We Dance With Your Dates"..."Sure"

And not to be forgotten..post hurricane, tornado, monsoon, if you went to Harvard-deluge will be acceptable..call it what you want--the lovely ladies of various zip codes and religious denominations entertained us with the 2nd "Ms. Big Man Run VI" Bikini Contest in front a backdrop of the rockin' Ba Ha Boys Band..AND our qualified judges once again saw beauty with age and voted a masters runner & lady as this years winner....

2002...The year in sports saw the creation of the 'Wellfleet 52"..not to be confused with the
"Chicago 7" butt more in-line with the Republican Revolution of 2002..total mayhem
and thus the "2002 Big Man Run Lampoon of the Year Award" is being
awarded to the Race Director, Paul W. Collyer aka Papa Clyde...for a complete story..cause I couldn't do any
better - see Will Mason's it's all there in 2 nutshells and an empty beer can!!

A Skinnie Begs to get into Big Man Run VIII "The Return"
Eric W. Fish

Why Not Let One Of The Boy's Tell Ya How It Went In 2003
Jeff Durso-Finley

Jeff Durso-Finley has become the mouthpiece of post BMR reporting!!

2004 Post Race Story
Jeff Durso-Finley

 2007 Post Race Story
Jeff Durso-Finley

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